English and Humanities Majors

Critical thought is the central skill you will learn at Shawnee. Our English/Humanities majors are taught to view problems in literature through a series of questions and approaches to reveal the inner workings and meanings imbedded in English literature, philosophy and other languages.

Students become thoughtful readers and critical interpreters of what they read. We expand knowledge and the methods of dealing with knowledge, viewing texts in a variety of contexts: cultural, historical, biographical to name a few. The experience of working with insightful, learned faculty on questions of methodology and context enrich the college experience, and prepare students for a wide ranging series of careers where thoughtful decision-making is required.


The Department of English and Humanities develops students who can think and read critically, write and speak clearly, and who understand the contributions literature, art, music, and philosophy can make to the quality of daily life.

The Department believes that the skills of reading, writing, and thinking are the foundations upon which a successful college career is built, and, therefore, all areas within the Department accept as part of their charge the continuous development of writing and speaking skills.

To this end, the Department is committed to providing opportunities for the integrated study of a variety of art forms as well as to infusing its academic programs with American, international, and multicultural perspectives.

Bachelor of Arts Programs

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