Mathematical Sciences

The Department of Mathematical Sciences provides Shawnee State's general education student with an appreciation of, and experiences with, the role of mathematics in our society. The Department also develops additional mathematical skills for those students whose academic programs require it and provides educational experiences for students who wish to specialize in mathematics.

In addition to close faculty-student working relations, the Department features an extensive tutoring program and use of technology in the curriculum.

The degrees offered by the Department of Mathematical Sciences provide a broad intellectual foundation in undergraduate mathematics, foster your reasoning and problem-solving skills, and give you the opportunity to combine your interest in mathematics with preparation for a variety of career options.

Each of the Department's baccalaureate programs requires a senior research project which allows each student to work closely with a team of faculty to study a mathematical topic in depth. The senior research project is designed to be an integrative and capstone experience and results in the development of a senior paper and presentation.

Each of the programs is described here in more detail. If you are interested in a degree in mathematics, you are encouraged to contact the Department at (740) 351-3301 for additional information. The Mathematical Sciences faculty looks forward to showing you what Shawnee State has to offer.

Degrees in Mathematical Sciences

SSU also offers a Master of Science in Mathematics

Mathematics Courses for General Education

The Department provides a wide array of undergraduate mathematics courses to support degree programs across the campus.

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