Associate of Science in Natural Science

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The Associate of Natural Sciences degree is an excellent, flexible, associates degree that prepares you for a technical job, as well as allowing you to transition into a 4-year BS degree if you want to.

Degree Requirements, 2015–2016 Catalog

General Education Requirement (18 Hours)

Complete the following categories of the General Education Program
English Composition (6 hours minimum)
Quantitative Reasoning (This will be met by the math requirement of this degree)
Fine and Performing Arts (3 hours)
Social Sciences (3 hours)
Cultural Perspectives (6 hours)
Natural Sciences (This will be met by the natural sciences requirement of this degree)


Natural Science Concentration Area (16 Hours)

Choose any BIOL/CHEM/GEOL/PHYS/NTSC courses numbered above 1110 (NTSC1110 may be used also.)
Note: Credit only allowed for one of the following courses in each pair: CHEM1121/1141 and CHEM2200/3305.


Mathematics Requirement (3 Hours)

Choose any MATH course numbered at 1250 or above.


Speech Requirement (3 Hours)


General Electives (20 Hours)

Choose any course in any area, until 60 total credit hours have been earned.


Total Credit Hours (60)

Natural Sciences

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