Selection Criteria

In addition to meeting university admission criteria, applicants must have successfully completed the following prerequisites in addition to or in conjunction with a baccalaureate degree in any area of study. Applicants are encouraged to work with the Graduate Center Administrator, (740) 351-3177, for academic advising to ensure that a plan for completing prerequisite requirements is developed before applying to the MOT program.

Academic advising to select a baccalaureate degree best suited to the applicant's interests and skills is strongly advised. Admissions will be processed and handled through the Graduate Center. Students admitted into the program will begin coursework fall semester.

*NOTE: Applicants are NOT required to be an Occupational Therapy Assistant, or earn an associate's degree in the Occupational Therapy Assistant Program, to apply to the MOT program.

Applicants are encouraged to contact the Graduate Center, (740) 351-3177, at any time for advising and information about applying to the MOT program. Contact us at:

Clinical placement availability and classroom space (shared with an OTA program) limit the number of students admitted to the MOT program. As such, an advisory panel of local occupational therapists and the Admission Committee Faculty determine selection criteria. The criteria assist in selecting students who are able to successfully complete the program. Students often ask what criteria are used. The criteria identified below are used during the review of applications.

The MOT program will accept 24-30 students per year.

All applicants must meet the minimum criteria as stated in the University Catalog as well as complete application materials to the Master of Occupational Therapy Program. All applicants receive a numerical score in four areas. Each area is weighted as follows:

Area 1: 20% - Volunteer evaluation (applicants need 40 hours). The volunteer evaluation is given a numerical rating based on the quality of the evaluation. Students who do not waive their right to review the volunteer evaluation will have a significant reduction in the scoring of the evaluation. This is due to potential reluctance of the reviewing therapist to make unfavorable comments.

Area 2: 50% - Grade point average, minimum GPA of 3.2 from previous baccalaureate degree. In addition, prerequisite courses must meet a minimum of 3.0. Grade point average will be based on these determinations and averaged per individual students and given a score. Applicants with overall undergraduate GPA of less than 3.2 are required to take the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) and obtain a score above the 50th percentile.

Area 3: 20% - Essay, via OTCAS. The writing sample is scored blindly and independently by the Admission Committee faculty. These scores are averaged.

Area 4: 10% - Each application must be accompanied by three references, via OTCAS, from individuals with a history of knowledge about the applicant

Bachelor’s to Master’s 3+2 Selection Criteria

Students interested in the 3+2 program are encouraged to contact the Academic Advisor at (740) 351-3209 or

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