Listed below are the MOT Program prerequisite courses as listed on the Selection Criteria page. To the right of each requirement are examples of equivalencies if taken at SSU. Please refer to the MOT Prerequisite Summary (PDF) form for your assistance.

PLEASE NOTE that all prerequisite biology courses must be within the past 5 years and all other prerequisite courses completed within the past 10 years.

Applicants are NOT required to be an Occupational Therapy Assistant, or earn an associate's degree in the Occupational Therapy Assistant Program, to apply to the MOT program.

Social and Behavioral Sciences

3 or 4 unit course in each of the following, beyond introductory level

  1. Developmental Psychology or Human Development (PSYC1130, PSYC2130/3130)
  2. Abnormal Psychology (PSYC3160)
  3. Adult development and/or Aging (SOCI3234*, PSYC3130 or 3131)
  4. Social or Cultural Anthropology (ANTH2250 or SOCI above intro level)

Natural Sciences

3 or 4 unit course in each of the following; upper division level of physical sciences within five years prior to admission to program

  1. Human Anatomy with Cadaver lab (BIOL4660)
  2. Neuroanatomy with lab (BIOL3660)
  3. Advanced Human Physiology with lab OR Pathophysiology (BIOL3650)
  4. Two courses of physical science (CHEM, GEOL, NTSC, PHYS, or PSCI [above introductory level])

Other Course Work

  1. Medical Terminology (BUHE3000)
  2. Statistics (STAT1150or PSYC2120)

* SOCI3234 will meet the requirement for either Social Anthropology or Adult Development, but not both

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