Sport Management Major

Sport Management" refers to the business/operations side of the sport industry. In college athletics or professional sports organizations, for example, sport management professionals may be found performing a wide variety of tasks, including marketing, advertising, ticket sales, ordering and maintaining equipment and supplies, planning and maintenance of sports facilities, public relations, team travel coordination, and ensuring compliance with league rules.

In addition to course work, all sport management students complete two required practicum experiences, where the student earns academic credit while working in a sports-related organization. The practicum serves the dual purpose of complementing the classroom experience while providing work experience which could prove invaluable during the job search process.

Career opportunities for sport management graduates are many, particularly if you are willing to relocate. Opportunities in sports may be found in a number of areas, including college/professional teams, sports facilities, health/fitness clubs, recreation centers, and league administrative offices. Students interested in careers in college or professional sports are strongly encouraged to consider graduate study in sport management.

Mission Statement

The Sport Management program at Shawnee State University is a non-certification concentration designed to prepare students for employment in corporate fitness centers, health clubs, college and professional sports organizations, federations and governing bodies, media, and many areas of recreation.

The student enrolled in the Sport Management concentration will focus on business skills such as financial management, marketing, and legal questions associated with the sport and exercise industry. The curriculum provides a foundation of sport management philosophy, principles and objectives. Required practicum experiences serve to complement classroom learning and provide valuable experience which will facilitate the job search process.

Program Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to

  1. Explain the role of sport of society as a whole, and the role of sport in specific societal segments;
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of the concepts of management and leadership and describe the various skills, roles, and functions of sport managers;
  3. Apply fundamental marketing concepts to the sport industry, understand the unique aspects of the sport product, sport consumer, and sport product markets;
  4. Explain legal concepts and applications within the sport industry, and evaluate the role of sport governing bodies, including their authority, organizational structure, and functions;
  5. Explain concepts of morality and theories of ethics as they apply to sport.

PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS (All students complete the General Education Program and Sport Management Core, and one of the two tracks)

General Education Program 42 hours
Sport Management Core 40 hours
Business Track or Communication Track 19/21 hours
University Requirements 4  hours
University Electives 15/13 hours
Total Hours Required 120 hours


SSSM 2000 Introduction to Sport Management 2
SSSM 3000 Introduction to Sport Law 3
SSSM 3100 Ethical Aspects of Sport 3
SSSM 3300 Sport and Society 3
SSSM 3400 Sport Facility & Event Management 3
SSSM 3500 Sport Marketing  3
SSSM 3900 Sport Governance 3
SSSM 4000 Administration of Sport Programs 3
SSSM 4190 Practicum 1 3
SSSM 4290 Practicum 2 3
SSSM 4500 Sport Management Seminar 2
BUMG 2900 orCOMM 3306

Professional Communication & Development Skills

Professional Writing

PHIL 3340 Philosophy of Sport 3
COMM 1103* Public Speaking 3
BUIS 1010 Computer Applications 3


BUAC 2010 Managerial Accounting 4
BUFI 2450 Principles of Finance 3
BULW 2700 Legal Environment of Business 3
BUMG 3100 Management Principles 3
BUMK 3100 Marketing Principles 3
SSSM 3700 Sport Sponsorship and Sales 3
ECON 2201** Microeconomics 3


COMM 2231 News Reporting 3
COMM 1105 Introduction to Mass Communication 3
SSSM 3600 Sport Communication 3
SSSM 3650 Sports Journalism 3
COMM 3300 Public Relations and Communication 3
COMM 3335 Interpersonal Communication 3
COMM 4490 Management Communication 3
*COMM 1103 fulfills the GEP Oral Communications requirement

**ECON 2201 fulfills the GEP Human Behavior requirement

Sport Studies

Contact Information

Sport Studies
940 Second Street
Portsmouth, OH 45662

Dr. Steven D. Rader
Program Director
Kricker 271
(740) 351-3634

Kelley Frantz
Academic Administrative Assistant I
(740) 351-3169

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