School of Education

The School of Education is an NCATE/CAEP accredited teacher preparation department that prepares students to become learner-centered, inquiring professionals for the classrooms of the 21st century. The teacher preparation program requires a strong foundation in an academic content or teaching area with that of a professional development program, which prepares entry and advanced level teachers for the dynamic responsibilities of contemporary schools.

School of Education Graduate Outcomes

OAE Pass Rate 2014-YTD

  Shawnee State University Statewide
Year Number Taking Assessments Number Passing Assessments Institutional Pass Rate Number Taking Assessments Number Passing Assessments Statewide Pass Rate
2014-2015 147 122 83% 15,205 13,161 87%
2015-2016 119 95 80% 14,607 12,798 88%
YTD 145 122 84% 13,082 11,755 90%

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