Adolescent to Young Adult

The Adolescent to Young Adult programs at Shawnee State prepare teacher candidates to obtain a bachelor of arts or bachelor of science degree and are eligible for the Ohio teacher licensure to teach grades 7th- 12th.  

Students are guided in their programs by standards set for each content area's specialty professional association. Students in these areas are assigned two advisors: one from their content area and one from Teacher Education.

Course Checklists/Sequence Plans for 2017-2018

Integrated Language Arts & Reading

Integrated Mathematics

Integrated Science

EARTH Science

LIFE Science


Integrated Social Studies

Catalog 2015-2016

Integrated Language Arts/Reading

Integrated Mathematics

Integrated Science

Integrated Science - EARTH - LIFE - PHYSICAL

Integrated Social Studies

License Test Requirements

Prior to Clinical Teaching our candidates must pass the Content Test (020, 027, 025, 024, 099, 035, 007, 014) in their licensure area. The Pedagogy Test must be passed before the candidates can apply for license.

Content Test Integrated Language Arts 020 220
Content Test Integrated Mathematics 027 220
Content Test Integrated Social Studies 025 220
Content Test Integrated Science 024 220
Content Test Physical Sciences 099 Chemistry 220
Content Test Physical Sciences 035 Physics 220
Content Test Life Science 007 Biology 220
Content Test Earth Science 014 Earth & Space Science 220
Pedagogy Test Assessment of Professional Knowledge: Adolescent to Young Adult (7-12) 003 220

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