Early Childhood Special Education


Shawnee State University now offers a Dual License program in Early Childhood and Special Education (Pre-K-3rd Grade). SSU’s team of professionals have collaborated with PK-12 partner schools to ensure that our new program offers an outstanding curriculum with appropriate courses, and exceptional experience during teacher candidate preparation and instruction. Shawnee State University employs instructors and professors that go above and beyond to make sure their students succeed. Because of our staff’s dedication to the university and students, we have chosen curriculum for the ECSE program that prepares our students to fully understand SPA standards, pass various accreditation exams, licensure assessments, and obtain specific certificates.

Course Checklist/Sequence Plan for 2017-2018

Early Childhood Special Education PreK-3 Checklist (PDF)

Early Childhood Special Education PreK-3 4-Year Sequence Plan Bachelor's Degree (PDF)

 License Test Requirements

Prior to Clinical Teaching the candidate must pass the Content Tests (012) and (013).  The Pedagogy Test (001) must be passed before candidates can apply for license.  Effective July 1, 2017 both Content Tests and Pedagogy Tests PLUS the Reading Test (090) must be passed before candidates can apply for license.  


Content Test Early Childhood Education 012 220
Content Test Early Childhood Special Education  013 220
Pedagogy Test Assessment of Professional Knowledge
Early Childhood (PreK-3)
001 220
Reading Test Foundations of Reading 090 220

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