Signature Authority

Who signs which contracts at Shawnee State?

One of the most important things to know about contract signing at Shawnee State University is that authority to sign requisitions is not the same as authority to sign contracts.
All contracts should be submitted, unsigned, to, for review. Signature authority will be determined through the Contract Review Process.
According to Policy and Procedure 5.27, the Board of Trustees has delegated its authority to enter into contracts and agreements to the President of the University and authorizes the President to sub-delegate authority as appropriate. The Vice President for Finance and Administration has oversight and authority for contracts that bind the University financially. Sub-delegations are noted in Procedure 5.27:1 (PDF).

It is important to note that no SSU employee may sign a contract or make promises to a vendor, consultant, or other third party that could bind the University without the authority to do so. Anyone who signs or enters into a contract without appropriate authorization is subject to discipline and may be held personally responsible for the contract.

Policy 5.27 (PDF)

Procedure 5.27:1 (PDF)

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