Glossary of Grant-Related Terms

Authorized Representative – Person designated by the University to be the signature authority on federal grants. At Shawnee State University, Courtney Hayward serves, at the pleasure of the President, as the Authorized Representative.

Cost sharing – A requirement by some granting agencies that a portion of a grant project’s total budget be provided by the awardee. Cost sharing may include a cash match from the applicant or in-kind contributions, such as office space and personnel.

Finance & Administration – The University’s business office staffed by accountants, budget analysts, and the Vice President for Finance and Administration.

Fiscal Representative – Person with budgetary signature authority. At Shawnee State that designee is the Vice President for Finance and Administration.

Grants Administrator – Designated individual at the University whose function is to assist individuals with grant seeking and to coordinate grant submission activity. – The federal government’s electronic portal for applying for most federally funded grants. Grant proposals must be submitted by the University’s Authorized Representative.

Grants Resource Center (GRC) – A division of the American Association of State Colleges and Universities, which provides grant information and assistance to member schools. “GrantWeek,” the Grants Bulletins and other electronic publications that are shared campus-wide originate from GRC.

Indirect costs – Expenses not directly attributed to a project. In grant making, institutions often have a “negotiated indirect rate”; a percentage that is applied to a determined amount of the project’s direct costs. Currently at Shawnee State University, the negotiated rate is 31 percent.

Letter of inquiry – Often required by foundations and other private agencies prior to accepting a full grant proposal; the letter provides a brief introduction to a project idea and the proposing organization. The grant making agency decides if the project meets its priorities and usually responds quickly with a rejection or an invitation to submit a full proposal.

Letter of Intent – This letter is sometimes required by governmental as well as private grant makers. It is normally very brief, often in a specific format, and simply states the intention to apply for funding.

Principle Investigator – A term often used in research and grant seeking that indicates the main individual who is applying for funding.

Project Director – The person who will be responsible for the day-to-day administration of a particular program or project, once funded.

Request for Proposals (RFPs) – The notification published by governmental and private grant makers that gives specifics about a funding opportunity, and how to apply.

Signature Authority – The person on campus who has the responsibility and authority to represent the University when applying for grant funding. The President is always the final authority, but in many instances signature authority may be granted to the Grants Officer or a Vice President.

Subcontractor – Often, a partner or collaborator on a research project who is provided a portion of the grant award by the lead institution/fiscal agent.

Grants Management

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