Grants Management

Step-by-Step Application Process

Note: Familiarize yourself with Shawnee State University's grant and research-related policies, available here.

Step 1: Research potential funding sources
Contact the Department of Institutional Research and Sponsored Programs for help with this step. Also refer to these useful links.

Step 2: Identify and familiarize yourself with a funding source
Become familiar with the funding agent, their eligibility requirements, and the specific requirements of the agent's Request for Proposals. Also establish a contact person within the funding agency who can provide helpful information and insight.

Step 3: Fill out the "Notice of Intent to Apply" form

This allows us to be aware and supportive of your grant-seeking plans.

Step 4: Collaborate with us on your proposal

We're here to make the grant writing process easier. We encourage you to collaborate with us. Complete the form to let us know what content you'd like in your proposal, and we'll get what you need from our database of writing. We'll then schedule a meeting to help you draft your proposal.

Step 5: Get your budget approved
You will be contacted by the Department of Institutional Research and Sponsored Programs and a grants accountant. Submit the following to your assigned grants accountant:
  • The budget
  • The budget narrative
  • A brief summary of the proposed grant activities

These must be approved by the Vice President of Finance and Administration.

Step 6: Finish the final draft and submit it for review

Send your finished proposal in .pdf format to

Grants Management

Contact Information

Institutional Grants Office
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