Adding a Class

You may add a class to your schedule during the first 7 calendar days of the semester (3 days of a summer session) by completing a registration form in the Student Business Center or registering online via MySSU.

Dropping a Class

You may withdraw from a class through the 7th calendar day of the semester by completing the proper form in the Office of the Registrar or by dropping the course via the MySSU website. During the first 7 calendar days, if class withdrawal affects fees, a refund is possible. Any withdrawal after the 7th calendar day results in a WD being placed on your academic record. Withdrawing from courses may affect Title IV student financial aid funds. Please read the Financial Aid Satisfactory Progress section on pages 35 and 36 of our catalog.

You may withdraw from a class through Wednesday of the tenth week of the semester by obtaining the signature of the instructor on a form obtained from the Office of the Registrar.

In case of emergency, as determined by the college dean, you may withdraw from a class after the above deadline, but no later than 4:30 p.m. on the final day of class, by obtaining permission from the college dean and completing appropriate forms. Faculty members are notified by the college dean of these emergency withdrawals.

Change of Major

Students desiring to change academic majors are directed to the Student Business Center to complete a change of major form. Once the form is completed and submitted, a staff member of the Student Business Center will change the major in the student's record, then the Office of the Registrar notifies both the old and new academic departments. The students name will appear on the departments advisor assignment list. The new department assigns an advisor and notifies the student.

Note: Students in Pre-Health Science admitted to a Health Science major do NOT complete a change of major form.

Course Credit by Arrangement

Students have the opportunity to fulfill requirements for selected courses offered at Shawnee State University via independent study or specially arranged instruction. If you are interested in pursuing this educational option, you should first secure the advice of your faculty advisor as to its appropriateness for your program of study.

The Course Credit by Arrangement forms are used to add credit by arrangement courses.  There are three different forms, based upon student status: Undergraduate (PDF), Graduate (PDF), and Honors (PDF).

Complete all the information and secure all the required signatures prior to submitting the form to the Student Business Center for processing. You may earn up to 12 credit hours toward graduation in this manner, with all credit being considered resident credit, but you are limited to 6 hours of credit by arrangement per semester as verified by the Office of the Registrar.

Once credit eligibility is verified, you must obtain the appropriate signatures of approval from the Instructor, Department Chairperson, and Dean of the College. Students enrolling in a course by arrangement have until the end of the semester to have all work completed in the course.

Credit hours attempted/earned via this option count toward full-time student status for the computation of federal financial aid eligibility. See the fee schedule for course by arrangement fees.

Graduation Information/Petition to Graduate

A student must petition to graduate so that the Office of the Registrar and the student's academic department will know they are nearing completion.

When to petition:

A student petitions for graduation at the end of their second to last semester. When you are scheduling your classes for your last semester at Shawnee State University, it's time to petition to graduate.

Petition Deadlines:

  • Petitioning for Fall, please petition by last day of Summer Semester.
  • Petitioning for Spring, please petition by last day of Fall Semester.
  • Petitioning for Summer, but would like to walk Spring, please petition by last day of Fall Semester.
  • Petitioning for Summer, and would like to walk last day of Spring Semester.

Petitions are available in the Student Business Center, University Center 2nd floor. You must petition to graduate by the deadline published in the list of Important Dates. A $55.00 graduation fee is required. You are not billed for this fee. It is your responsibility to pay this when you submit your petition. Your eligibility to graduate is determined by the Registrar after you petition to graduate. For questions regarding graduation please call (740) 351-4REG (4734) or email Christel Taylor at

Name/Address Change

Students who change their address during the semester should immediately report that change to the Student Business Center, University Center 2nd Floor.  Students can no longer change a permanent address via the MySSU website.  You must complete the Change Address Request form.

Change of legal name via marriage or other legal action, should be reported to the Student Business Center. You must complete the Legal Name Change Request form, and provide proper documentation.  A preferred name (first and middle only) may be changed in the Student Business Center without documentation by completing the Preferred First and/or Middle Name Change Request form.

Non-Credit (Audit)

You may elect to take a course for non-credit (audit) during the first 35 class days of a semester. (17 days of the 5-week summer sessions) by completing the proper forms in the Office of the Registrar. Election of this option may affect federal financial aid eligibility.


The pass/no-credit option is designed to permit you to take a select number of courses for which no traditional letter grade (of "A" through "F") is recorded on your grade report and transcript. If you wish to take a course on a pass/no-credit basis, you must complete the proper forms at the registrar's office within the first 14 calendar days of a regular semester or the first 7 calendar days of a 5-week term. Your decision to take a class on a pass/no-credit basis is not subject to change. To be eligible for the pass/no-credit option, you must have earned a cumulative G.P.A. of 2.0 or better. First semester freshmen are considered as having met the above requirement.

The pass/no-credit option is subject to the following restrictions:

  • You may complete up to 6 semester hours to be counted toward an associate degree or 12 semester hours to be counted toward a baccalaureate degree under this option.
  • You may take only one (1) course pass/no-credit per semester.
  • Applicability of courses taken pass/no-credit toward your major program of study is subject to departmental approval.
  • To receive a grade of "P" (pass), you must earn a grade of "C-" or better in the course. If you do not receive a grade of "C-" or better, a grade of NC (no credit) is awarded.
  • A grade will be turned in at the regular grade-processing time and will be converted to a "P" or NC on the transcript by the Office of the Registrar.

U.S. Selective Service

Ohio law requires male students between the ages of 18 and 25 to be registered with the Selective Service System, unless they are on active duty with the armed forces of the United States (other than the National Guard or reserves) or legally excluded, to be eligible for state educational assistance programs. Residents who are not registered, or have not indicated they do not need to register, by the first day of the semester are required by Ohio law to pay the out-of-state tuition and will be ineligible for various State of Ohio Financial Aid programs (Section 3345.32 of the Ohio Revised Code).

You can register with Selective Service in the year you become 18.  Registration will be available 30 days prior to your actual birthdate.  Keep in mind, you must complete registration by 30 days after your 18th birthday. Selective Service registration can be accomplished in a few minutes at any U. S. Post Office, by phoning 1-847-688-6888, or via the internet at  If you wish to indicate exempt status, you can request materials to do so by contacting the Office of the Registrar.

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