Academic Probation/Suspension/Dismissal

Students who do not meet academic standards at Shawnee State University will be placed on an academic status (probation/suspension/dismissal) based on the number of credit hours attempted and cumulative GPA (see chart below). 

Credit Hours Attempted





1.50 or below

1.80 or below

Below 2.00

Students who fall below a 2.0 GPA standard, but remain above the thresholds given above, will be sent a notice of unsatisfactory performance and will be encouraged to meet with an academic advisor.

In order to gain reinstatement to Shawnee State University, a student must appeal his/her suspension or dismissal to the Academic Appeals Committee. 

NOTE:  If your financial aid has been suspended, this appeal will not result in reinstatement of your financial aid.  A separate appeal process is necessary.  Please contact the Financial Aid office for more information about reinstatement of financial aid.

Academic Probation

A student whose cumulative grade point average (GPA) drops below the suspension standard for the first time is placed on Academic Probation for the following semester.  The only exception is for students who earn a 0.0 cumulative GPA and earn less than 3 credit hours during their first term of enrollment (see Academic Suspension below).   If the student is unable to raise his/her GPA above the suspension standard during the next term of enrollment, and does not achieve at least a 2.00 GPA for that term, he/she will be suspended. Upon reinstatement, the student will remain on Academic Probation for the following term if his/her cumulative GPA remains below the suspension standard, but the student achieves a 2.00 or higher term GPA. If the student raises his/her cumulative GPA above the suspension standard, but later drops below the suspension standard again, he/she will be placed on Academic Probation again before being suspended.

Academic Suspension

A student whose cumulative grade point average (GPA) drops below the suspension standard for the second time is placed on Academic Suspension. Additionally, any student who earns a 0.0 cumulative GPA and earn less than 3 credit hours during his/her first term of enrollment will be placed on Academic Suspension.  The student must wait one academic year (three semesters) before submitting a written appeal to return to Shawnee State University.

Academic Dismissal

After completing a first suspension (three-semesters), the first time the student's cumulative GPA falls below the suspension standards again, and he/she does not achieve a 2.00 GPA for the term, he/she will be placed on Academic Dismissal. The student must sit out two academic years (six semesters) before submitting a written appeal to return to Shawnee State University.

Permanent Dismissal

Upon return from Dismissal, if the student is dismissed again, he/she will be permanently dismissed and may not return to Shawnee State University.

Appeals for Reinstatement


When a student is suspended or dismissed, he or she may appeal for reinstatement, but normally reinstatement will not be granted sooner than one academic year (three semesters) after your suspension, or two full years (six semesters) after your dismissal. Reinstatement may be permanently denied to students who have been previously academically dismissed.

The student appeal must be submitted to the Student Business Center by the following deadlines (or the next business day after, if the date falls on a weekend or university holiday):

                                    Fall Semester                          July 1

                                    Spring Semester                     December 1

                                    Summer Semester                 April 1                                   

Reinstated students must earn a term GPA of 2.0 or higher upon returning or he or she will be academically suspended or dismissed.

The Appeal Process:

  • Complete the Appeal for Academic Suspension/Dismissal form (PDF) and attach a typed, well-written letter of request (limited to two typed pages) with adequate justification, academic plan, and complete documentation to the Student Business Center located on the 2nd floor of the University Center.  Appeals must be submitted by the student.  Appeals submitted by others (family members, faculty, etc.) cannot be accepted.  If you have any questions, call 740-351-4REG (4734).
  • The student will receive a written response to his or her appeal, usually within 3 business days after the Committee’s decision, so be sure to provide a complete mailing address and phone number to receive the notification. 

Helpful Hints for completing your Academic Appeal

Describe in detail the reasons for your non-productive behavior that resulted in your suspension or dismissal.  Be very specific.  Describe your study habits, the amount of time you dedicated studying, your choice of major and the courses you took, the conditions under which you lived while attending school, your involvement in social, athletic, or other activities, such as employment, and any other documentation relevant to your poor academic performance.  Documentation of circumstances could include: medical records, police records, obituary, support letters or other relevant documents.

Explain in detail what you have been doing since your suspension, including employment and/or any classes you attempted at another university/college.  What were your responsibilities as an employee?  How many hours did you work each week?  Have you lived at home or been independent?  How has this experience helped you prepare to return to Shawnee State University?

Be clear about your strategy for a successful return to the university.  Do not make vague statements, e.g., “I plan to study more.”  Explain your choice of major and the courses you plan to take/retake.  The Academic Appeals Committee encourages you to meet with your academic or college advisor to establish an academic plan.  Clearly state the academic goals that you have set for yourself.  Include a list of courses you plan to take your first term and why.  Please limit your appeal to two pages.

If you have taken classes while away, contact the Registrar’s Office of that institution to order an official transcript to be sent to Shawnee State University prior to the deadlines stated above.  The transcript must be sent directly from that school to Shawnee State University.

Finally, your appeal must reach the Student Business Center by the deadlines stated above.  Fax or mail your appeal to the fax number or address below so that it is received by the stated deadline.

Mail to:   Shawnee State University                                      Fax to:  (740) 351-3435

                Student Business Center

                940 Second Street

                Portsmouth, OH 45662


Academic Appeals Committee

The Academic Appeals Committee is the final arbiter in the academic appeals process and the decision of the committee is final.

The Academic Appeals Committee is comprised of the following individuals:

Voting members:          Dean of Arts and Sciences

                                      Dean of Professional Studies

                                      Dean of University College

                                      Dean of Students

                                      Two Department Chairpersons from the College of Arts and Sciences

                                      Two Department Chairpersons from the College of Professional Studies

                                      Representative for the Office of Disability Services

                                      Representative for the Student Success Center


Non-Voting Members:  Registrar

                                     Associate Registrar

Degree Audit

The Degree Audit is an academic advising tool. It is an automated list of all courses in a student's program of study that are needed to meet the graduation requirements at Shawnee State University. The Audit allows advisors to see how the students are progressing.

Each student has a faculty advisor who can provide them with a Degree Audit.

The Degree Audit includes courses taken at SSU and may include courses transferred from other universities. Although courses taken at SSU are automatically added to a student's Degree Audit, transfer courses must undergo an evaluation process and then be applied to the student's Audit. Transfer evaluations are done in the Office of the Registrar, University Center 2nd Floor. For further information please call (740) 351-4REG (4734).

Improper Registration

Admission or registration may be canceled by the Director of Admission or the Registrar in cases of improper registration or when false or incomplete information is provided on the application for admission forms, or other official documents. In such cases, you will be notified in writing as to the action that was taken and the reasons for such action.

Incomplete "I" Grade Policy

Incomplete grades may be given only in the following circumstances:

  • The student's work to date is passing;
  • Attendance has been satisfactory through at least 60% of the term;
  • An illness or other extenuating circumstance legitimately prevents completion of required work by the due date;
  • Required work may reasonably be completed in an agreed-upon time frame;
  • The incomplete is not given as a substitute for a failing grade;
  • The incomplete is not based solely on a student's failure to complete work or as a means of raising his or her grade by doing additional work after the grade report time;
  • The student initiates the request for an incomplete grade before the end of the academic term;
  • The instructor and student complete and submit the "Application for Incomplete Grade" form before the end of the academic term to the Office of the Registrar.

Appropriate grades must be assigned in other circumstances. A failing grade and last date of attendance should be recorded for students who cease attending class without authorization. Students who are unable to complete a course and who do not meet these circumstances should consider dropping the course.

The following provisions for incomplete grades apply:

  • The "Application for Incomplete Grade" form may be obtained on the web at Application for Incomplete Grade (PDF) or in the Office of the Registrar.
  • The "Application for Incomplete Grade" form must completed and submitted to the Office of the Registrar prior to the end of the current academic term.
  • The instructor submits the final grade on the "Grade Change" form obtained in the Office of the Registrar.
  • The course work may be completed while the student is not enrolled.
  • Incomplete grades may appear on the transcript for one academic term. Incomplete grades do not affect the grade point average. Incomplete grades will change to an "F" and affect your GPA if not completed by the agreed upon completion date or the end of the next semester.
  • An Incomplete grade may not be considered passing for purposes of determining academic standing, federal financial aid eligibility, athletic eligibility, or other purposes.
  • An Incomplete should not be assigned when it is necessary for the student to attend additional class meetings to complete the course requirements.
  • Incomplete grades cannot be entered via the MySSU grade entry process and can only be assigned via the "Application for Incomplete Grade."

Repeating Courses

Courses may be repeated for credit if so identified in the course description located in this catalog. Courses may also be repeated for other purposes (e.g., attempt to raise grade), but only the highest grade earned and the associated credit will be reflected in your GPA (grade point average). The lower course grade will be replaced by the symbol "R", indicating the course was repeated.

While most courses are eligible for repetition, the following transcript symbols cannot be removed by subsequent course repetition: WD, AP, P, KE, NC, AU, TC, TP (please note Grading/Awarding of Credit section.)

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