Fines and Cost Recovery Charges

2017-2018 Academic Year

Cost Recovery Charges

Item Price
Bike rental for international students (new) $30.00
Bike rental for international students (used) $25.00 refundable deposit
Calculator rental $100.00 (includes $60.00 deposit)
iPad damaged, lost, or stolen $1,000.00
iPad missing pieces $200.00
Laptop replacement charge $1,200.00
International Programs
Item Price
Airport transportation - Cincinnati, Columbus $150.00
Airport transportation - Huntington $100.00
Item Price
Copies - black & white $0.10
Copies - color $0.25
Transparencies $0.35
Lost/damaged item $60.00
OhioLINK item replacement charge $125.00
OhioLINK overdue or billed item .50/day, max $50.00 per item
Student Business Center
Item Price
Transcript Service Fee $3.00
Postage charge for rush transcript current USPS rate for priority mail express
University College
Item Price
Lost/damaged item cost of item

Disciplinary Charges & Fines

Item Price
Defacing University property $50.00 - $400.00 plus costs
Discharging fire extinguisher $750.00 plus costs
E-Chug $100.00
E-Toke $100.00
Misuse of campus technology $100.00
Moving or tampering with fire or safety equipment $750.00
Skateboarding or in-line skating up to $20.00 plus restitution
Housing Charges & Fines
Item Price
Damages variable, depending on type of damage
Failure to dispose of trash $25.00 - $100.00
Housing during University breaks Pro-Rated Daily Rate
Improper checkout $25.00
Key replacement - hard key $90.00
Key replacement - swipe card $12.00
Lock core replacement $90.00
Lockout charge $12.00
Pets in living units $35.00/day plus costs
Smoking in residence hall - first violation $250.00
Smoking in residence hall - second and subsequent violations $500.00
Violation of noise policy $25.00
Violation of visitation policy - second violation $25.00
Violation of visitation policy - third violation $50.00
Violation of guest policy - second violation $25.00
Violation of guest policy - third violation $50.00
Parking Fines
Item Price
Bicycles in buildings $25.00
Driving or parking on grass $25.00 plus restitution of damages
Immobilization $50.00 plus outstanding parking fines
Improper use of permit $40.00
Parking along curb $25.00 plus towing & storage charge
Parking hang tag not displayed $25.00
Parking in fire lane $25.00
Parking in handicapped zone $250.00
Parking in prohibited lot $20.00
Parking outside permitted areas $25.00 plus surface repair cost
Parking reinstatement charge $25.00
Parking with disregard for painted lines $25.00
Parking within 10 feet of fire hydrant $25.00
Parking within 20 feet of crosswalk $25.00
Parking within 30 feet of stop sign $25.00
Parking/stopping in other prohibited zone (posted) $25.00 plus towing & storage charge
Vehicle not registered $25.00
Payment Return Charges
Item Price
Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) Return Charge $25.00
Bad Check Charge $50.00

Replacement Charges

Item Price
Bear Card $10.00
Parking Lot Swipe Card $10.00
Parking Tag $25.00
Office Key $10.00
Student Refund Card $10.00


Fine and Recovery Charges are subject to change. Shawnee State University reserves the right to make, without prior notice, any fee adjustment that may become necessary.

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