Advising Services

The Success Center staff work collaboratively with faculty members to provide advising for course sequencing and career goals. Also at the forefront of the services the Student Success Center provides are concerns with issues affecting your successful participation within the SSU learning community.

Use of multiple SSU catalogs and our Degree Audit System helps students to determine their degree/program plan. These tools make your decision for registration much easier.

Other advising services include prerequisite checks, counseling at the time of complete withdrawal, reentry procedures for those students who wish to return, the completion of Academic Improvement Plans, and orientation to the University. Advising is mandatory for all freshmen (30 or fewer cumulative earned hours), sophomores with fewer than 60 cumulative earned hours but moving to junior status at the end of the semester.

The Student Success Center staff makes this process more convenient for you by providing you with proper guidance each academic term.

Adjustments to college living can sometimes be very stressful. Many first-year students find themselves having problems associated with note taking, time management, study skills and may even be dealing with personal problems at home or work.

As part of an integrated counseling team, the Success Center can also refer you to other counselors on and off campus who can help you to maintain your success.

"What is the Bursar?"

"Did I complete my FAFSA correctly?"

"Where is the Career Center?"

"How do I get involved with Greek Life?"

These are some of the many and varied questions that we get in the Student Success Center. Our office serves as a center for you to come to ask any question or gain insight into issues that affect your success.

Our goal is to provide you with the most up-to-date and correct information so that you can achieve your goals. Don't hesitate to call us at (740) 351-3594, email us at or stop by the Student Success Center, if we can be of assistance.

Steps to follow for new students

The first step along the "path of success" occurs in the Admission Office or in the Student Success Center. After completing the personal information on the application form, the student is asked to select a major or degree program in which they intend to enroll.

Some students may not desire a degree and they select a non-degree program where they can gain skills for employment, enrichment or prepare coursework to transfer to another institution.

Along with the application, students receive transcript request forms to be sent to their high school or any other institutions that they have previously attended. When the information is returned to Shawnee, Admissions personnel will begin communications with the student to acquaint them to student orientation, placement, and financial aid information.

Once these requirements are completed, students begin to register for their first semester classes.

Even after students have registered for classes, they may still have questions concerning college attendance. These questions can be answered in the Student Success Center

In addition to the academic advising, registration, and orientation services mentioned, the Success Center also provides tutoring services, computer labs, and trained personnel to assist you in these areas.

Student Success Center

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