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Upcoming Events for Spring 2017

College Success Workshops

All College Success Workshops are held in the Student Success Center on Tuesdays at 2:00-3:00 pm and Wednesdays at 4:00-5:00pm on the dates indicated below.





January 17 & 18:

How to Get A’s in All of Your Classes

This workshop will focus on the kind of thinking that college demands.  Workshop participants will learn techniques to move beyond memorizing facts that are soon forgotten after the test is over to more long-term learning that leads to sustained knowledge and academic success.

January 24 & 25:

Stop the Insanity! No More Cramming!

Participants will learn The Study Cycle, an intense study session that if implemented daily will put an end to late night cramming sessions forever.

January 31 & Feb. 1:

Make More Time for You

“Time waits for no man [or woman]” Geoffrey Chaucer—If you do not manage your time, your time will manage you.  You may have more time for yourself if you learn how to properly manage your time.

February 7 & 8:

Change Your Mindset and Change Your Mind

How you talk to yourself matters.  Come to this workshop to learn how mindset can either hold you back or how it can set you free.

February 14 & 15:

How to Tackle College Reading Assignments

This workshop will teach participants how to approach various college reading assignments and how to get the most from their reading.

February 21 & 22:

Avoid the Midterm Panic

Come to this workshop to create a schedule for getting your assignments, projects, papers, and exams under control for midterm.  Participants should bring with them their course schedule, syllabi, and work schedule as well as times for any other commitments outside of classes.

February 28 & Mar. 1:

Midterm Meal

Come to the Student Success Center Tuesday, Feb. 28 at noon for lunch and Wednesday, March 1st at 4pm for dinner.  Advisors will be on hand to talk about classes, study techniques, or to just help you de-stress.

March 14 & 15:

Dealing with the Post-Spring Break Blues

After returning from spring break, it can feel like a long-haul until the end of the semester.  Come to this workshop to learn some coping techniques to get you through the 7th inning stretch.

March 21 & 22:

Top Five Reasons You may be Failing Your Classes & What to Do About It

This workshop will focus on the top five reasons students tend to fail classes.  Students will leave with tips for getting their semester and their grades back on track.

March 28 & 29:

True Grit is More than a Great Western

Do you know what grit is and if you have it?  How does having grit help you in college?  Participants in this workshop will take a Grit Test and learn their grit score, what it means, and how grit can help them in college.

April 4 & 5:

Study Skills Rerun

Did you miss the workshop the first time around?  Just now realizing you need some help tackling your assignments?  Come to this workshop and learn about different study skills that have been presented in earlier workshops.

April 11 & 12:

Dr. Saundra McGuire

SSU is honored to have Dr. Saundra McGuire on campus April 11 & 12.  Students are encouraged to attend events connected to her visit.  Events TBD.

April 18 & 19:

Where did the time go?  Preparing for Finals

Come to this workshop obtain study tips and to prepare a schedule for studying and completing papers and projects for the end of the semester.

April 25 & 26:

Finals Meal

Come to the Student Success Center Tuesday, April 25 at noon for lunch and Wednesday, April 26 at 4pm for dinner.  Advisors will be on hand to talk about classes, study techniques, or to just help you de-stress.

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